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Gun Responsibility luncheon on May 30th

Please join us for a fundraising luncheon to build support for this movement.

Register for the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility luncheon on May 30th.

Temple Beth Am table captains include:

  • Shelly Cohen
  • Jessica Trupin

Thursday, May 30 – Noon
The Westin Hotel 1900 5th Ave, Seattle

Sign up NOW!

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Legislative Update — HB 1588–Requiring Universal Background Check for Firearms Transfers

Please make these calls, AND urge your networks to make these calls:

Call your state Senator and Representative today to make sure they know you want them to stand with the majority of Washington citizens and pass common-sense gun reforms.

You can reach them by calling the Legislative Hotline: 1.800.562.6000 and telling them you support HB 1588 and SB 5711.

When you are connected to your state legislator’s office, tell them 4 things:

• Your name and where you are from.
• That you are concerned about gun violence and you support common-sense gun reforms.
• That you believe this issue deserves a vote THIS legislative session.
• That you specifically support universal background checks for all gun sales.
If you know that your legislator(s) already supports universal background checks, please ask them if they can reach out to their undecided colleagues and help convince them that this is the right thing to do.
While it is important that we all contact our own legislators, we also need to focus on a few critical legislative districts. If you have friends, family, coworkers, who reside in these districts and support common-sense laws, urge them to contact their representatives
  •   LD 17 (Vancouver, Battle Ground):  Senator Don Benton (R), Representative Monica Stonier (D), Representative Paul Harris (R)   http://1.usa.gov/131OGXc (these links are maps of the districts)
  • LD 24 (Port Angeles, Port Townsend): Senator James Hargrove (D), Representative Kevin Van De Wege (D), Representative Steve Tharinger (D)   http://1.usa.gov/12I1SRe
  • LD 25 (Puyallup): Senator James Hargrove (D), Representative Kevin Van De Wege (D), Representative Steve Tharinger (D)http://1.usa.gov/W1HQiz
  • LD 26 (Gig Harbor, Port Orchard):  Senator Nathan Schlicher (D), Representative Jan Angel (R), Representative Larry Seaquist (D)   http://1.usa.gov/VtAQbK
  • LD 28 (University Place, Lakewood, Dupont)   Senator Mike Carrell (R), Representative Steve O’Ban (R), Representative Tami Green (D) http://1.usa.gov/15soLrh
  • LD 41 (Mercer Island, Bellevue, Newcastle, Sammamish) Senator Steve Litzow (R), Representative Marcie Maxwell (D), Representative Judy Clibborn (D)  http://1.usa.gov/Y9DT9I

NOTE: Senator Litzow is one of the sponsors of the Universal Background Check Bill. He needs to be thanked for his sponsorship and reminded that this issue deserves a vote and we are counting on him to deliver.

  • LD 44 (Marysville, Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Mill Creek)  Senator Steve Hobbs (D), Representative Hans Dunshee (D), Representative Mike Hope (R)  http://1.usa.gov/Yx2of6

NOTE: Rep. Mike Hope is one of the prime sponsors of the Universal Background Check Bill.  He voted for the bill in committee.  He needs to be thanked for his leadership.

  • LD 45 (Kirkland, Woodinville, Sammamish, Duvall) Senator Andy Hill (R), Representative Roger Goodman (D), Representative Larry Springer (D)  http://1.usa.gov/XmQQda
  • LD 47 (Auburn, Covington) Senator Joe Fain (R), Representative Mark Hargrove (R), Representative Pat Sullivan (D)   http://1.usa.gov/UJzPwW
  •   LD 48 (Medina, Bellevue, Redmond) Senator Rodney Tom (D), Representative Ross Hunter (D), Representative Cyrus Habib (D)http://1.usa.gov/Y9DT9I

NOTE: Senator Tom is one of the sponsors of the Universal Background Check Bill.  He is also the Senate Majority Leader.  He needs to be thanked for his sponsorship and reminded that this issue deserves a vote and we are counting on him to deliver.

Here is a mapping tool that can help you find the districts and identify the members:  http://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/

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Members of FAN Speak Out at 2013 IFAD

IFAD1Over 400 people from 43 of Washington state’s 49 Legislative Districts, from diverse faith traditions, came together in Olympia on February 20 to speak out with one voice for more just, compassionate state policies and laws.

Rabbi Jonathan and members of TBA at FAN’s 2013 Interfaith Advocacy Day February 20 in Olympia.

Attending From left to right Rabbi Jonathan Singer, Linda Harris, Ronnie Shur, Dina Burstein, Diane Baer, Margo MacVicar-Whelan, Jo Merrick, Tom Buchanan, Fred Diamondstone, Gail Nicholson, Jonis Davis; front row: Jacqueline Sorgen

Legislative briefings, workshops and district caucuses were held in the morning at the Church followed by meetings with district legislators in the afternoon at the Capital Building.

43rd Legislative District meetings Dina Burstein and Fred Diamondstone, together with upwards of 30 43rd Legislative District members met with State Senator Ed Murray as well as Representative Jamie Pedersen and House Speaker Frank Chopp. The message they carried focused on support for legislation to end Gun Violence, to support Budget and Revenue policies to protect social and health programs in the state, to support Medicaid expansion in implementation of the Affordable Care Act and to support $175 million for the Housing Trust Fund in the 2013-2015 biennium to help meet Affordable Housing needs of our state residents.

On February 20 we joined together with 400 members of diverse faith communities in support of legislation and policies to address gun violence, economic justice for struggling families and wage earners, implementation of the Affordable Care Act to ensure affordable health care for all, immigration reform to provide opportunity for undocumented young people to access university education.

Many of the bills that were discussed are still viable and it’s important to contact our legislators now either thru email (find contact information at leg.wa.gov) or by leaving a message at 1-800-562-6000.

Fiscal Bills – these need to be passed out of committee by Friday, March 1:

  • HB 1338 – early review and second chance for juveniles sentenced to life without parole
  • HB 1440 – wage theft prevention
  • HB 1651 – second chance for juveniles via prohibiting the dissemination of their court records

Following four policy bills are in the House rules committee and need to be voted on by the House by March 13:

  • HB 1413 – voting rights act
  • HB 1429 – allows state funding for higher education programming in prisons (a second chance act)
  • HB 1588 – establishes universal background checks for all firearm sales in our state
  • HB 1817 – Washington state DREAM act, allowing all college-bound students in our state to be eligible for state financial aid

Call 1-800-562-6000 or email your legislators.  Updated status on these priorities is reported regularly by FAN

 Contact Diane Baer for information about Faith Action Network legislative agenda.


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What’s Next for Gun Control? YOU ARE!

The Come Home Alive Initiative (CHAI), formed by TBA members Jessica Trupin, Shelly Cohen, Randy Simon, and many others, in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, is delighted that Council member Tim Burgess, Deputy Police Chief Nick Metz and others will be joining us at our next meeting, which we’re co-hosting with the amazing One Million Moms for Gun Control.Nick Federici, advocate for nonprofit causes in Olympia, will be leading an advocacy training after the speakers. Other prominent leaders are also signing up to join us!We hope that each of you is in this struggle for the long haul. Come to share, learn, lobby, or just listen.

Next Sunday, 2/24, 3-4:30 at First United Methodist, 180 Denny. We’ll have you out in time for the Oscars. Childcare available.

RSVP to february24rsvp@gmail.com – but don’t let a lack of RSVP keep you away.

First Church (First United Methodist Church, Seattle)
180 Denny Way, Seattle, Washington 98109
View Map · Get Directions

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Petition to Encourage Elected Officials to Act on Gun Control

We  encourage you to sign this petition against gun violence.

Jewish Petition to End Gun Violence

December 14, 2012’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut has reminded us that the issue of gun violence in our nation must be dealt with immediately.

Please sign this petition to encourage our elected officials in Washington State to support comprehensive action, including legislation requiring background checks (closing the gun show loophole), mandating guns be stored safely around children and robust efforts to ensure that every person in need has access to quality mental health care.


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Gun Violence Prevention

People of Faith Coming Together to Make a Difference
February 4, National Faith Call-In Day

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ‘The time is always right to do what is right’.     Now is the right time to speak out for gun violence prevention.

The Washington DC based Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. The RAC is the lead organizer for a  national interfaith coalition committed to combatting gun violence.   They are asking all committed individuals to participate in a national  Call-In Day, February 4.  Participate and pass the word to others to ensure that the voice of faithful Americans rings throughout the halls of Congress. On February 4th, call your US Senators and Representative and insist that they act to prevent gun violence. Tell them that it’s time to turn our shared grief into collective action.

The legislative issues that are being promoted are –Require universal background checks for all gun purchases –Ban semi-automatic assault weapons and high-capacity magazines –Make gun trafficking a federal crime –Improve access to mental health services

To get updated information visit Faiths Calling. Mark your calendar and participate in the Feb 4 Call-In. To make a difference our members in the US Congress need to hear from us all.

Gun Control will be a topic of discussion at FAN’s Interfaith Advocacy Day in Olympia on Wednesday February 20.  To sign up go to fanwa.org.  Contact Diane Baer for more information.