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Green Team Meeting Feb 4

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by guest blogger Barak Gale

Dear Beth Am Green Teamers,

Many a Tu B’Shevat has passed since our Green Team (or Adama Team, or whatever we will call it) has convened.  Yet the scourge of catastrophic climate change impacts our country, our world, more and more.  May our blessings tonight over the fruit of the trees help in some small way to move the Divine Shefa, not only to provide renewal of the fruit trees, but to provide renewal of our community’s collective effort at Tikkun Olam-Adamah, Let’s bring to bear the skills, heart, joy, compassion, of Beth Am and become part of the Reform Jewish movement and part of the worldwide movement for change.

Leah and I hope you can join us to renew the process of engagement.

Date:  Monday Feb 4
Time:  7:30 pm
Place:  Home of Leah Vetter,  10715  39th Ave NE, Seattle

Special Request:  to not apply any perfumes or fragrances, including in lotions like Vasoline, shampoos like Head & Shoulders, etc.  Thank  you!

Please let us know if you can come.

Barak Gale

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