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33 Days Left to Advance the Freedom to Marry

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Looking for a way to help advance the freedom to marry and approve Referendum 74 — how about volunteering to phone bank? 
Join one of the phone banks to support marriage equality located at Jewish locations:
  • Temple Beth Am (Seattle), Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Kol HaNeshamah (Seattle), Monday and Thursday evening (Alki United Congregational Church)
  • Hillel-UW (Seattle), Thursday evenings.
  • Temple Beth Hatfiloh (Olympia), Monday evenings.
Phone banking begins at 5:30 pm and goes to 8:30 pm.  Training provided.  If you have a cell phone and a laptop computer it is good to bring both though not required.  To join one of the Seattle phone banks RSVP to rhiannon@washingtonunited.org .  To phone bank at Temple Beth Hatfiloh RSVP to noah@washingtonunited.org.
For a full list of phone bank sites throughout Washington click here:


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