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Praying with my legs……

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Submitted by Diane Baer

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel is a personal ‘hero’ of mine.  A Rabbi and scholar, he showed us by his actions what the essential message of Judaism is, at least in my belief.  In marching side by side with the leaders of the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s he called to us to recognize that Judaism commands us to ‘do justice’ and not only to ‘learn about it and talk about it’.  Today Temple Beth Am and over 25 other Washington Jewish organizations are heeding Heschel’s call to ‘justice’ as we engage in ending the discrimination against gay and lesbian couples in Washington state.

Under current law same-sex couples are not free to legally marry the person they love, the person to whom they are committed and with whom they want to share their lives.  We want that to change with a Yes vote to Approve Referendum 74 in November.  The Washington State Legislature passed a bill, signed by the Governor early this year that legalized civil marriage for same-sex couples in Washington State.  Now it is up to all registered state voters to confirm that with a Yes – Approve 74 vote on your ballot.  Approval of Referendum 74 will give gay and lesbian couples the freedom to legally marry in Washington State.

Join me in ‘praying with our legs’ on Sunday, September 30, 12:30PM at Woodland Park United Methodist Church at N. 78th and Greenwood N.  People of faith from the Phinneywood neighborhood and beyond will walk together the 1.2 miles to St. John’s United Lutheran Church to demonstrate faith community support for Marriage Equality, for the Approval of Referendum 74 in November, to support the freedom for same-sex couples to legally marry in Washington State.

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