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Perspectives: How Faith-Based and Secular Health Organizations Partner for Better Global Health


Perspectives: How Faith-Based and Secular Health Organizations Partner for Better Global Health”

Featuring William H. Gates Sr. (co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Rich Stearns (President, World Vision US), Caryl Stern (CEO, U.S. Fund for UNICEF), Abed Ayoub (CEO, Islamic Relief USA) and everyday heroes working in global health

Sunday, July 15, 2012

McCaw Hall, Seattle Center


Free admission, please RSVP here

Event description

Faith-based and secular organizations work to provide access to better health for people around the world. But it’s not easy. How do organizations reconcile their differences in order to work together to effectively serve the people most in need? Join us for an honest conversation about the realities and challenges of partnership for faith-based and secular organizations. Successes and failures will be highlighted as we learn from those working on the ground, in faith-based and secular organizations. Congregations and communities with projects around the world are encouraged to attend.

This event is organized by Global Health Nexus, an initiative of the Washington Global Health Alliance and a volunteer committee of leaders from faith-based and secular organizations. This is an official event of the “Next Fifty” at Seattle Center.

Please RSVP http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3511704603


Encourage others to attend
Like this event on Facebook at RSVP for “Perspectives”
Show our video invitation to your friends
Add the video and digital poster to your social networking page
Exhibit your projects and programs at the event on July 15
Exhibit application due June 29 to mdowns@riddellwilliams.com
Questions about exhibiting:
David Brenner, dbrenner@riddellwilliams.com

More information: http://www.wghalliance.org/

3 thoughts on “Perspectives: How Faith-Based and Secular Health Organizations Partner for Better Global Health

  1. Randy, your post does not include a working link for how to RSVP. Can you please provide that info? Thank you!

  2. Faith-based organizations can play a constructive role in furthering the cause of global health, but never with an agenda of promoting a particular faith. This project has a glitzy feel-good website but I am not comfortable with the intentions of some of the participants. I say proceed very cautiously.

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