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Marriage Equality on the Ballot this November

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While we anticipated this day was coming, it is now official: marriage equality for loving, gay and lesbian couples will be on the ballot in November.

Temple Beth Am, the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, and twenty-five other Jewish organizations including the Anti-Defamation League, Jewish Family Service, Union for Reform Judaism, Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center and the National Council of Jewish Women, support Washington United for Marriage and the campaign to defend the marriage equality law in Washington State. We support marriage equality as a matter of basic religious liberty. Clergy should be free to decide for themselves what couples they choose to marry.

Opponents of the bipartisan law turned in more than 200,000 signatures. We are aware that the opponents boosted the number of signatures by bringing in paid signature gatherers. And we know they have committed millions of dollars to repeal marriage equality in Washington State.

To win in November, supporters of marriage equality can’t fall behind. It is essential we muster all of our supporters. The vast majority of fair-minded individuals believe that all families deserve the same support and protections families and couples count on.

Show your support for marriage equality by pledging to Approve Referendum 74 now.

You can also show your support by marching with Temple Beth Am in the Jewish Delegation in this year’s Pride Parade. Click on the link for more information about time and place, and RSVP to be kept in the loop.

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