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Your H2R Dollars at Work

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Our H2R partner, Jewish Family Service, passed on this note of appreciation from a family that H2R helped move out of a shelter and into a home.

“I just had a few words of appreciation. Your services are wonderful. Your services helped me when I needed it the most. I received rental assistance in one of my darkest hours. I was homeless in Seattle with children.  God Bless you for having people that care about other people. I am not Jewish, but African American and I was treated like a sister. She was professional but giving. She made me feel that we all need help sometimes and don’t be afraid to ask. Thank you JEWISH FAMILY SERVICES for the help when I needed it the most. May GOD BLESS your people and program with abundance. SINCERELY YOURS … THANK YOU!!!!!  OH! I forgot to mention what she helped me with.  I am in my own place now.”

These are your H2R dollars at work.

Please give generously during the Purim to Passover H2R Voucher Drive

The TBA H2R program helps bring dignity and self-sufficiency to homeless families enabling them to move into permanent homes.  Your tzedakah is a Purim mitzvah keeping with the Purim tradition of matanot l’evyonim, ‘gifts for the needy’. To give online, please go to http://templebe.ejoinme.org/h2r.

For more information about H2R and the H2R Committee. contact Sue Covey, susancovey@comcast.net.

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