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Marriage Bill Attracts Enough Support for Passage; Rabbi Jonathan Delivers “Firecracker” Speech

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News reports say an additional legislator, Sen. Mary Haugen (D-Camano) has agreed to support the same-sex marriage bill, enabling passage!  According to the live reporting from the Stranger (Slog), our own Rabbi Jonathan delivered a “firecracker” speech at the hearing in Olympia today:

“There are times to look into our spiritual mirror and see that we are the ones who are oppressing,” Singer says… “I along with other religious representatives believe that the state is not only discriminating against same-sex couples but us as religious leaders.”


But, please, don’t get complacent.  Though the promised 10,000 demonstrators only amounted to 300 (according to the Rabbi), we may have to deal with a fierce fight over a possible referendum next November.  And the bill itself still has to proceed through legislative process before it becomes law.  Supporters are hoping to convince a couple more senators to ensure passage.

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