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Join the Jewish community in supporting marriage equality

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After several years of indecision, Governor Gregoire on Wednesday announced her support for legislation authorizing same-sex marriage in Washington. A bill is expected to be introduced to the legislature next week.

Temple Beth Am will be actively supporting the effort. We have joined the pioneering effort by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle to mobilize the entire Jewish community behind marriage equality. In the next weeks and months, we will tell you about opportunities to lobby in Olympia, to participate in community meetings, and how to make your voices heard.

In the meantime, you can let your legislator know that you support marriage equality by signing one of the postcards available in the TBA lobby. All you need to do is leave the signed postcard in the basket; we will collect them and give them to the Federation so they can be delivered en masse to the legislature.

For more information, and especially if you’re eager to work on this issue, e-mail David Jacobson, TBA’s liaison to the Federation on this effort.

One thought on “Join the Jewish community in supporting marriage equality

  1. Our congregation showed enthusiastic support for this legislation at the Oneg last night! Proud to be a member of TBA.

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