Tikkun Olam at Temple Beth Am

Connecting our congregation to social action opportunities

Share the Warmth of Chanukah with YouthCare

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From TBA member Sis Polin:

THEY CALL ME NANA SIS and they are the girls, and sometimes boys, that I teach to knit once a week at Youth Care. How and why they are there is not what we talk about. We focus on knitting, creating hats and scarves, sometimes with chatter and sometimes with music as the background. For them it is also a personal connection with someone who cares. I go there happy to spend a little one-on-one time with these young folks, but I leave with a sad heart knowing the struggles these kids go through to survive but grateful for what YouthCare does for them.

For the past two years, I have depended on my friends to donate items for the kids that YouthCare serves, but now it is time for everyone at TBA to demonstrate our commitment to tikkun olam by joining in. I want to thank Rabbi Beth for helping me to do this, and what would be a more appropriate time than Chanukah! We would like you to bring items to the Temple Beth Am Chanukah Party on December 23. If you can’t make it, you can drop your donation off beforehand – just make sure it is marked for Youth Care.

We are focusing on the following desperately needed items:

    • New thermal, wool and athletic socks,
    • New hats, gloves, and scarves (check out the Dollar Store and Target)
    • Gently used warm coats, hooded sweat shirts and rain jackets
    • Gently used sleeping bags and blankets
    • Gently used back packs
    • Personal items:
        Tooth paste and tooth brushes (ask your dentists to dig into their samples)
        Deodorants (travel size)

Let’s make Chanukah a real giving time for all of us!

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